Apollos Thorne

Author in the LitRPG genre of the series Codename: Freedom and Underworld – Level Up or Die!

Codename: Freedom is Published!

Surprise! Yes, I published a day early! This was to encourage those that pre-order that my books will actually be published by the day I say. For everyone that pre-ordered, thank you for giving it a shot! Oh, and don't... Continue Reading →


New Version – Codename: Freedom – Chapter 2 – v2

This is the chapter that should turn everything on its head. Basically its a brand new chapter all together that really fills in some hole about what Lucius's world is really like. Drones? Check. Augmented Reality? Check. AI? Check. Everyone... Continue Reading →

New Version! Codename: Freedom – Chapter 1 – v2

Here is a newer version of the first chapter of Codename: Freedom. As the rewriting gets closer to being complete I'll post some surprise chapters here so you get an idea where things stand. Enjoy! --- “General. Forgive my directness.... Continue Reading →

Update 11/06/2016

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Underworld – Level Up or Die!

What happens when a thousand year old Succubus, turns feminist, and gets tired of seducing men to devour their life energy?! Of course she joins forces with a powerful Lich Lord to create a new magic to leech energy from... Continue Reading →

Codename: Freedom

What happens when a VR world is created that will directly effect the real world? When the opportunity to join a government sponsored experiment in a virtual world that promised 100% immersion, Lucius didn't hesitate to apply. Unbeknownst to him... Continue Reading →

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